Albania takes over the presidency of the UN Security Council, Edi Rama: A historic day for Albania

Albania has taken over the presidency of the UN Security Council today (June 1st) for 30 days. While in New York, Prime Minister Edi Rama through a video message on the social network Facebook has announced that on June 2 he will lead the open high-level debate of the Security Council on international accountability. Rama assures that Albania will always remain committed to promoting justice and the rule of law.

Rama emphasizes that he is doing everything to move forward without forgetting the dark past, as he dwells on Russia’s war in Ukraine, for which he emphasizes the urgent need for action, because according to him, those responsible for the countless victims should be punished.

“Good morning and on this historic day for Albania in the field of international relations, when for the first time in history our country takes over the leadership of the UN Security Council, I wish you all the best. This is the third decade of the third millennium. The world is turbulent and we continue to witness indescribable atrocities in more than 50 conflicts around the globe. Democracy and human rights are being severely tested in different parts of the world. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen massive human rights abuses, from Darfur to Myanmar, from Afghanistan to Syria, and the international community is struggling to bring the perpetrators of serious crimes to justice. In Europe, the wounds of the wars that followed the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, especially in Kosovo, are still open. We are doing everything we can to move forward without forgetting the past but committing to building a common future in peace. Russia’s war in Ukraine has challenged European security and shaken the rule-based world order. We can not and should not be taught with impunity. It is urgent to act now, for the countless victims of meaningless meanings, but also for all of us, for what we believe in, for what brings us together to uphold the law, to safeguard multilateral action. We all have a role to play in fulfilling our part. That is why the first representative event of Albania in its first presidency of the United Nations Security Council that I will have the honor to chair on June 2 is dedicated to the “Forum of Accountability and Justice for Serious Violations of International Law” . The United Nations has no higher value to promote than justice and the rule of law. Albania promotes it nationally and protects it internationally. Justice and peace go hand in hand and Albania remains fully committed in this direction. “We are privileged to give voice to our convictions and we will lead the United Nations Security Council with all our will and passion for what we strongly believe in,” Rama said.

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