Finally, the fans return to the stadiums

English fans will be able to return to the stadium after a long absence.

The decision of the League leaders was taken today.

It is learned that in the last two weeks of the championship sports fans will be able to enjoy the matches on the stadium steps.

Initially only 10 thousand fans will be allowed.

It was also announced that only local fans will be present and not newcomers, to avoid mass movements due to Covid-19.

“After consulting with the clubs, it was agreed that the stadiums would not be open to outside fans due to various challenges throughout the league and the need to provide a consistent approach, while maximizing the opportunity to avoid mass attendance. of fans.

The safety of the fans is of paramount importance. “The clubs have facilities to provide facilities from COVID-19 and have operational plans ready to welcome supporters back to their stadiums,” reads the official statement of the Premier League.

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